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Mr. Baillie has been with the Science Center for over 25 years. Serving originally as Director of Science Programs, he later served as Director for Exhibits, Programs and Technical Services, leading the development of new exhibitry and education programs for the new Carnegie Science Center which opened its doors in 1991. Since then he has served as Asst. Director for Education, and later as Director of Education and Interim Museum Director during 2003.  Currently serving as Henry Buhl, Jr. Co-Director and Chief Program Officer, Mr. Baillie leads a broad range of educational initiatives in support of math and science instruction. 

Mr. Baillie has been responsible for the initiation and nurturing of relationships with community organizations representing underserved audiences. These relationships seek to provide concrete experiences that engage these underserved groups in science center programs on an on-going basis. In 2003, Carnegie Science Center was awarded by First Lady Laura Bush, the nation’s highest award for museum service to its community.

Prior to working with the Science Center, Mr. Baillie spent five years as Curriculum and In-Service Specialist for Math and Science with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, a consortium of 43 school districts in western PA, developing and conducting in-service programs in math, science, and technology education for classroom teachers and school administrators. Further, Mr. Baillie was a founding member of the Pittsburgh Regional Center for Science Teachers, an organization which assists science teachers to connect with local resources to enhance their curriculum. He works closely with regional partners in education reform including ASSET, Inc. and the Regional Math/Science Collaborative.

Mr. Baillie has presented papers regularly at the annual international conference of the Association of Science-Technology Center on such topics as: “Designing a New Science Center—What your Architect Forgot to Tell You,” “Developing Programs to Support Inner-city Youth in Math and Science,” “The Science Center Role in Science Education Reform.”

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