2004 Inductees

ASIMO   |   Shakey   |   ASTRO BOY   |   Robby, the Robot   |   C-3PO

The Robot Hall of Fame honors the highest accomplishments of robots in science and science fiction. The 2004 inductees represent the best of real and fictional robots.

We honor the robot Shakey for pioneering work in mobility and artificial intelligence. We salute ASIMO for graceful, balanced, and fluid motion; we also applaud ASIMO for using revolutionary mobility to help humans challenged by the barriers of their environments.

We celebrate the positive influence of ASTRO BOY, created at a time when humans needed a robot with a soul for inspiration. We praise the unflappable and unforgettable C-3PO, a robot with human foibles that make ThreePeeOh all the more endearing. We admire the creative power of Robby, the Robot, a movie prop so unique that the movie prop became a movie star and set records in movie merchandising.

ASIMO...ASTRO BOY...C-3PO...Robby, the Robot...Shakey.
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